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Speakers & Panelists

Asmeret Asefaw Berhe
U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science, Director
Trina Bilal
U.S. Department of Energy Office of Minority Educational Institutions, Program Manager
Ceren Susut
U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science, Advanced Scientific Computing Research, Associate Director; Computational Science Research & Partnerships, Director
Charles Tahan
White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, Assistant Director for Quantum Information Science; National Quantum Coordination Office, Director
Celia Merzbacher
QED-C, Director; SRI International
Andrew Houck
Co-design Center for Quantum Advantage (C2QA, led by Brookhaven National Laboratory), Director; Princeton University, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Travis Humble
Quantum Science Center (QSC, led by Oak Ridge National Laboratory), Director; Quantum Computing Institute at Oak Ridge, Director
David Awschalom
Q-NEXT (led by Argonne National Laboratory), Director; University of Chicago Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering, Vice Dean for Infrastructure and Research; Argonne National Laboratory, Senior Scientist
Anna Grassellino
Superconducting Quantum Materials and Systems Center (SQMS, led by Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory), Director; Fermilab, Senior Scientist
Rick Muller
Quantum Systems Accelerator (QSA, led by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), Director; Sandia National Laboratories, Senior Manager; Advanced Microsystems Group at Sandia, Senior Manager
Noel Blackburn
Brookhaven National Laboratory, Chief Diversity Officer
Denise Ruffner
Diversity in Quantum, President and Co-Founder
Thomas Searles
University of Illinois Chicago, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Tina Brower
Howard University Center for Integrated Quantum Materials, Executive Director
Megan Ivory
Sandia National Laboratories, Physicist
Preeti Chalsani
Duality, Deputy Director; Chicago Quantum Exchange, Director of Industry Partnerships
Antia Lamas-Linares
Amazon Web Services, AWS Center for Quantum Networking Lead
Noah Fitch
Infleqtion, Senior Physicist, Quantum Matter Portfolio Technical Lead
Jay Lowell
Boeing, Chief Scientist for Disruptive Computing and Networks
Steve Girvin
Yale University, Eugene Higgins Professor of Physics
Florent Lecocq
National Institute of Standards and Technology, Physicist
Gabe Perdue
Fermilab, Senior Scientist
Bert de Jong (QSA)
QSA Deputy Director; Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Senior Scientist and Applied Computing for Scientific Discovery Group Lead
Shruti Puri
Yale University, Assistant Professor of Applied Physics and of Physics
Charlotte Evans
Sandia National Laboratories, Staff Scientist
Beatriz Yankelevich
MIT, Graduate Research Fellow
Carl Miller
National Institute of Standards and Technology, Mathematician
Corban Tillemann-Dick
Maybell Quantum, Founder and CEO
Gustavo Cancelo
Fermilab, Senior Electronic Engineer and Scientist
Phil Smith
Q-NEXT, Technology Integration Manager; Argonne National Laboratory, Strategic Programs Manger
Hannah Adams
Superconducting Quantum Materials and Systems Center and Fermilab, Communications and Partnership Manager
Karen Kniep
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Senior STEM Ed Consultant
Sherri Chandler
Howard University, Program Manager
Andy Wingstrom
Infleqtion, Senior Manager for Talent Acquisition
Ezunial (Eze) Burts
Duality, Director
Jennifer Choy
University of Wisconsin–Madison, Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Jessica Barbosa Martins
Argonne National Laboratory, Postdoctoral Appointee
Eduardo Mucciolo
University of Central Florida, Professor of Physics
Hans Johnson
Illinois Institute of Technology, Ph.D. Candidate
Sam Stein
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Quantum Computer Scientist, High Performance Computing
Olivia Liebman
University of California, Los Angeles, Ph.D. Student
Israel Hernandez
Illinois Institute of Technology, Research Assistant
Ashley Blackwell
University of Illinois Chicago, Electrical Engineering Ph.D. Student
Poolad Imany
Icarus Quantum Inc., Founder and CEO; National Institute of Standards and Technology, Postdoctoral Associate
Sophia Economou
Virginia Tech, Professor of Physics
Angela Kelly
Stony Brook University, Professor of Physics and Science Education
Alex Ruichao Ma
Purdue University, Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Vivien Zapf
Quantum Science Center, Deputy Director; National High Magnetic Field Laboratory and Los Alamos National Laboratory, Scientist